If you need equipment for a specific analytical, bio-technology or life science project, AnaTeam B.V. can be of assistance by its procurement services. These services consist of understanding the application, screening vendors, arranging demonstrations, price negotiations, purchasing (if appropriate financial solutions), and commissioning.

Project Based Application Specific Procurement

Through a comprehensive project definition, and sample based feasibility study the prospective customer is offered a multitude of worldwide vendors. In all cases a mutual confidentially understanding and agreement will be set forth. An additional and customized financial solution may help to realize the desired investment, and acquire the equipment.

Sophisticated Analytical Instruments like GC, GC/MS, HPLC, LCMS, NMR, etc. Extraction technologies comprising scCO2, Countercurrent Partition Chromatography (CCC), Whiper Film Evaporation (WFE), customized process development. Supply of whole Chemical Analytical Laboratory, Process Equipment, Vendor Selection, Project commissioning including financial arrangements.

Financial Solutions

An interesting service to our customers is the option to choose for the financial solutions program, whereby customized proposals assist to bridge budget restraints by means of rental, operating or financial lease, or straight purchase plans. Combinations of the latter have shown increasing popularity resulting in smoothed cash flow and tax benefits.

EVOSCIENCES Leasing Benelux (www.evosciences.com) creates financial capacity through:

• operating and/or financial lease;

• remarketed used equipment.